What do Millennial Expect from the Brand Experiences ?

Millennials are one of the most distinctive and unique forms of crowds that are very hard to understand in terms of trade shows’ typical crowds. In fact, last year a study conducted by McCarthy Group found it out that 84% of Millennials distrust traditional marketing. That’s why brands who want them to keep coming on their events, they need to understand what they want and expect from these trade show events so as to evolve their event strategies.

  • Getting the Attention

Recently there was another survey conducted by Splash, an event marketing software which did a survey on 785 millennial. Out of them, 40 percent said that they would not attend an event if it was ugly, 56 percent said the reason for their signing up was because of the experience while 47% said it was all to get the attention among their friends. This clearly shows how much impact your event design is and you simply can’t miss out millennials simply because of your bad design.

  • Knowing their Wants

This study also found out that what millennials expect after an event differs from person to person. However, 92 percent of the group was open to receiving personalized email offers and loyalty rewards. Even, 75% would want to know where their photos have been posted within 2 days of the post photoshoot.

Another main aspect of Splash’s study showed that millennial refused to any of the events or trade shows if the invitation was ugly. This means that it is a necessary factor for brands to take part in events that has an aura of exclusivity.

  • Brand Experiences

To attract millennial towards your brand or exhibit, you have to offer them some sort of an experience that will create a tour brand’s identity and make others feel your presence at the trade show. On this basis, brands can create a long term relationship with their new customers.

Along with these points as mentioned above, a brand must provide them exciting giveaways that they can boast of in their social media pages or among their friend circles which will increase your brand credibility.

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