Want to Grow Your Business in Europe? Participating in Trade Exhibitions

Trade exhibitions have been around for a century and, our country Germany is home to 2 of the 3 largest exhibition services ground in the world. While the digital revolution has brought a lot of things online, the traditional trade exhibitions are irreplaceable and are the primary source of new business for a lot of global companies.   

No matter what your company does, odds are, there’s an exhibition in your industry happening somewhere in the world annually. Your competitors and ample prospective customers will be planning to attend this exhibition because undoubtedly exhibitions contribute to businesses and economies unlike any other events. 

Why does participating in exhibitions grow businesses? 


  • Your Exhibition Stall is a Source of Generating Leads


Finding new business is a time consuming task. This is especially true for B-B companies who gain large business from single customers. Many large corporations invest in creating tradeshow booths in international exhibitions for this very reason. The tradeshow gives an opportunity to generate new leads like no other place. The entire industry is there, competition is also there and hence there are many walk-ins and new inquiries. To ensure that you stand out on a crowded exhibition floor ensure that you have an eye-catching booth design that helps you stand out from other exhibitors.  These days it’s simpler to effectively attain leads at an expo, as you can now use a dedicated app or tool, like Quick Tap Survey, to collect all your contacts in one place, as well as follow up after the show.

  1. Networking Opportunities Offered by Global Tradeshows

Large format exhibitions always host networking sessions targetted at specific audiences within the industry. These networking sessions are an ideal way to grow your knowledge as well as your industry network. They help one predict the trends in the industry as well as understand the pulse of the industry. Networking is a necessary part of attending any business event, and when it comes to tradeshows, the possibilities are practically infinite. Tradeshows draw all types of brands and consumers from industry, big and small, and making various connections can have a very constructive influence on the future of your company.

  1. Make Valuable Wholesale Connections at Your Next Exhibition

One way for increasing your ROI at a tradeshow is by making as many wholesale connections as you can. This can have a fruitful impact on your budget and product quality in the future. It could lead to discounted wholesale prices for you, as well as, eventually, surge brand awareness via social media and word of mouth from the company’s followers and fans.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness & Product Knowledge via Tradeshows 

Whether your business is new to the arena or an experienced presenter, your tradeshow presence can be a crucial way to increase brand awareness. Make sure that you invest enough time in sitting down with your exhibition stall designer to come up with the perfect exhibition booth design within your budget and as per your brand expectations. By having a pleasing booth display, skilled staff, and an effective tradeshow marketing campaign, your brand can gain eyeballs and increase its awareness in a new geography or market.

  1. Premiere A New Product, Line, or Tech at Your Industry Exhibition 

Your trade show booth could be the ideal place for your company to reveal a new facet of your brand to the public. It’s a great atmosphere to create excitement as well as offers ample opportunities for the public to test your product, review it and also maybe post about your brand on social media. Be sure to tag the exhibition and other applicable accounts in your post so that it has more prominence, and be sure to interact with users who intermingle with this content.

6. Learn from Industry Stalwarts at Your Next Exhibition/Event

It’s never a bad idea to know more about your field, expressly from respected professionals that you admire. All trade shows incorporate exclusive talks, master classes, and demos by famous industry members. For you and your team, it’s a great opportunity to learn new tricks of your trade and check the pulse of the industry.

If you’ve never presented your brand in an industry expo before, you’re in for a thrilling experience. Keep the basics in mind of contracting the correct and reputed exhibition company that understands the exhibition ground and has experience in it.  Make sure that your stall designer understand the vision of your company and its purpose of participation before creating a 3D stall design. Lastly, make sure that your stand contractor in Europe completes all fairground ordering and formalities well in time. 

Attending a trade show is an essential investment that can provide massive value to your business. Knowing why you want to present and being prepared can go a long way.

Happy Exhibiting!

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