Personalization and It’s Barriers at a Trade Show

Personalization has been a big topic for a couple of years when it comes to a messe with 97% of event planners believing personalization can change an attendee’s perception of an event. Because it’s worth it: according to the Harvard Business Review, personalization delivers five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend and can boost sales by 10%. After all, if you don’t provide something personal, be that experience or a demonstration, why would any customer prefer your products or services again and again? And if they don’t will 

Overcoming the barriers to personalization – But there are hurdles to implementation. Nearly everyone recognizes the potential of personalization but only 27% use personalization consistently. An EventsForce study reports that the main barriers are lack of time and resources (60%), cost (49%), lack of technology (38%), and inaccurate data on their delegates (31%). These hurdles won’t evaporate in 2019. But the case for personalization will continue to grow ever-stronger as customer expectations change.

We’ll see more businesses investing in the technology needed to power personalization. We’ll get better at applying insights across business streams, to inform and structure our exhibitions and the content around them.

Making it more and more personal – One size no longer fits all. Visitors instead will get product demos and brand experiences based on their interests.

Exhibitions in 2019 will look more like events and conferences, with structured sessions marketed to segments of your audience. Personalized pre-exhibition marketing will help you build a user-generated exhibition agenda that is more engaging, and attracts more leads on the day

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