How to Create a Memorable Exhibit

An exhibition booth is probably the most powerful tool at a messe, hands down. Why you may ask? That is because, a booth has a storytelling power, the power to take attendees on a small journey, and let them experience your products and company in their entirety. This is why, it is very important that you create a memorable exhibit, that will not only stay in the minds of your attendees but will also help you grow your consumer base as well. 

It may sound like a tall order, to create a memorable exhibit when others are deep into the latest technology. With digital signage, interactive touch screens, and augmented reality, almost all exhibits demand attention and receive it as well.

However, these don’t mean that you can’t create an exhibit that stands out. Here’s how:

  • Storytelling – Every successful company or CEO can tell you n number of benefits when it comes to storytelling. When you exhibit, storytelling is your main weapon, not how many products you sell, but rather how you sell the products. By building your brand’s story, you can establish a relationship with people that is on an emotional level, giving them a firm reason to choose YOU over others. It is important to let go of the consumer side and show your human side, explaining how your company is what it is. A tattoo parlor owner may share a story of a client he helped through a dark time, by giving him a memorable tattoo. Consumers love stories, pick one and kick it out of the ballpark
  • Create a beautiful atmosphere – Just building a great exhibit will never be enough. Attendees can simply avoid it if the atmosphere is something they don’t like. It is important that you include small things such as comfortable lighting, some refreshing smells, good seating arrangements, etc. to create a mesmerizing atmosphere that will, in turn, make the attendees stay to experience your exhibit


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